Affinity – An affinity is a natural attraction to someone or something, or an inherent similarity between things. The nice thing about this word is it sounds like infinity, giving the feeling of a boundless connection.  Like LOVE. 🙂 “She had an affinity for him from day one.”

Eschew – To eschew means to avoid or shun, usually in reference to an idea or concept rather than a solid object. I like the word because it makes me think of chewing something up and spitting it out. A very graphic image of rejecting something that might not be easy to illustrate. “I eschew intolerance at all costs!”

Maven – A maven is an expert, and so much more. A maven has style. And maven rhymes with raven, a mysterious black bird. “She’s the fashion maven everyone wants to know.”

Moxie – My grandmom drank Moxie soda, it was something we always picked up for her when we visited her in Boston, and I thought it was super-cool. I love it when people say I’ve got moxie: determination, initiative or guts. “What a dame! She’s really got moxie!”