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Girl on the train

I almost stopped her to say, "Why have your ruined your outfit, and humiliated yourself?!"


I am as progressive as the next gal, but I just can't abide white shoes before Easter. There must be rules to keep order. 😉

7 ways to be a rockstar leader

[Originally posted on Feb. 7, 2012] Music has been a guiding force for me since I was a kid. I got the opportunity to be a part of musical theater performances in high school. As a part of the... Continue Reading →

Women’s March on Washington

Yes, I was there! With five close friends and hundreds of thousands of new buddies. I don't know how many people were in D.C., and in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. But it was... Continue Reading →

Inauguration day

I'm not rejoicing about our new President today. I'm very disappointed with the way this election went. But I've been through disappointing elections before, and we have survived. I would like to think we can come out ahead. (And by WE... Continue Reading →

Returning home

We are back from our 10-day cruise. Our first cruise, our first vegan cruise, and our first trip to the Panama Canal. We were on Holland America Line, ms Zuiderdam, with the Vegan Vacation at Sea. It was overwhelming in... Continue Reading →

Election 2016

The big general election will take place while I am out of the country. Rest assured, I already cast my vote by absentee ballot. I was amazed at how easy it was. In Virginia, we can register to vote online or at... Continue Reading →

Countdown to the cruise

The cruise is so close I can taste it! I stumbled upon a mention of the Vegan Cruise Planners on Twitter, casually checking in on #traveltuesday. My timing couldn't have been better — they were just in the midst of taking... Continue Reading →

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