First, I will admit I just saw the movie ‘The Girl on the Train.’ Good flick. So I lifted the title. lily
Today I got my favorite window seat on the train, and a girl sat down next to me. I was pleased. She had a haircut I’ve had in the past. She had earrings I would definitely wear. I liked her handbag, and she impressed me when she pulled out some knitting and whipped out a couple of rows before we got to our mutual destination.
I try to avoid being creepy, so I didn’t share any of my opinions. I really don’t like being trapped into a conversation, so I give my fellow riders the courtesy of being treated as I would like to be treated.
I enjoyed my train ride, feeling as though we were comrades in our journey to work. As we departed the train, I was thinking about saying something — “I like your bag” or “Cool earrings” but then I saw her shoes. White shoes. In February. I almost stopped her to say, “Why have your ruined your outfit, and humiliated yourself?!”
I know it is horrible to judge someone, especially so randomly, but I was raised in the South, where white shoes are only to be worn between Easter and Labor Day. We got new white dresses for Easter, and often shoes to match for Easter services. I rarely show up to church now, even for Easter.
But the shoe thing stuck with me.