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Pet peeve of the week

Congratulations emails. These get sent to the whole office so we can all celebrate the birth of a new baby or someone's promotion. Wonderful, thanks for letting me know! But then... The whole office, one by one, replies to this... Continue Reading →

Twenty minutes late to work, due to a Presidential motorcade. #lifeinDC

Most amazing no-bake bites

I am totally hooked on these sweet balls of goodness. Vegan and gluten free, they are yummy for everyone, and it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare. (Plus some time in the refrigerator.) 1 cup dry oats 2/3 cup... Continue Reading →

I love deadlines. Especially the sound they make when they go whooshing by.

Girl on the train

I almost stopped her to say, "Why have your ruined your outfit, and humiliated yourself?!"

I am as progressive as the next gal, but I just can't abide white shoes before Easter. There must be rules to keep order. 😉

7 ways to be a rockstar leader

[Originally posted on Feb. 7, 2012] Music has been a guiding force for me since I was a kid. I got the opportunity to be a part of musical theater performances in high school. As a part of the... Continue Reading →

Women’s March on Washington

Yes, I was there! With five close friends and hundreds of thousands of new buddies. I don't know how many people were in D.C., and in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. But it was... Continue Reading →

Inauguration day

I'm not rejoicing about our new President today. I'm very disappointed with the way this election went. But I've been through disappointing elections before, and we have survived. I would like to think we can come out ahead. (And by WE... Continue Reading →

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