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Vegetarian dining in D.C.

Let me start by putting some baseline qualifications out there. Too many times a restaurant advertises a 'vegetarian option' and that ends up being pasta primavera, portobello mushroom steak, a veggie burger, or even worse: garden salad. I enjoy all... Continue Reading →


Viewing the skyline / My mind's eye sees the thresholds / Entering each door

Vegetarian visit to Watkins Glen, NY

I have been wanting to visit the Farm Sanctuary in New York for some time. They rescue and house animals rescued from factory farming. Farm Sanctuary has a few locations, but this is the closest to us, and it happens... Continue Reading →

Podcasts rock

If you don't already know, podcasts are short audio programs you can download onto your iPod or smart phone, and listen to at your leisure. Sort of like a DVR/TiVo for audio. Most of them are free downloads, and most... Continue Reading →

You never know how well you can swim until the sharks start circling.  

Pet peeve of the week

Congratulations emails. These get sent to the whole office so we can all celebrate the birth of a new baby or someone's promotion. Wonderful, thanks for letting me know! But then... The whole office, one by one, replies to this... Continue Reading →

Twenty minutes late to work, due to a Presidential motorcade. #lifeinDC

Most amazing no-bake bites

I am totally hooked on these sweet balls of goodness. Vegan and gluten free, they are yummy for everyone, and it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare. (Plus some time in the refrigerator.) 1 cup dry oats 2/3 cup... Continue Reading →

I love deadlines. Especially the sound they make when they go whooshing by.

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